About Fabulous Energy

Estelle Fong - Fabulous Energy practitioner treatments located within Naturally Balanced Chiropractic Clinic

I’m inspired to do the best I can for you.


I help individuals reduce pain in their bodies to go on and thrive in their daily lives. I’m an energy healer and a qualified Energy Practitioner with 8 years experience in energy medicine. I’m inspired by the vast improvements in the symptoms of many of my clients from my treatments and the positive impact on their lives.


I focus on all aspects of health. My natural curiosity and interest in health and problem solving has contributed to me successfully remediating a broad range of physical and emotional health complaints. In my practice, I see people from a broad range of backgrounds – teachers, barristers, scientists, accountants, tradesman, mums and dads, children, teenagers, seniors – anyone who wants to improve their daily lives with better health. As a former chartered accountant at a Big Four, I understand the complexity of balancing work deadlines with family and busy modern life.


I’m mum to my daughter with Down syndrome. She inspires me and those around her. She has more energy and a good quality of life after receiving my treatments for serious health issues. Energetic treatments have also helped her move and speak better. I have a particular affinity treating both children and adults with an intellectual disability or learning difficulties.


My experience is grounded in training in the ancient healing practices of Taoism, Kabbalah, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda. These healing practices are timeless and are adapted for today’s world. I enjoy and bring the wisdom of years of meditation, yoga and qi gong practice to my healing sessions, giving me practical insights into the body and mind.

I’m committed to helping individuals thrive in their daily lives.