Over 40s & Restricted Movement

Remember when you could touch your toes!

As we get older, we start feeling stiff, have restricted movement, and may have concerns with balance. We don’t have to be this way. As you get older, you can have a stronger spine, be more flexible, more sure footed and have greater energy levels. Energetic treatments promote the better flow of energy giving you a stronger body.

With my approach I remedy:

Old couple walking together
  • Back pain, headache, physical pain
  • Dizziness, vertigo
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Low levels of vitality
  • Mobility and balance issues
  • Stiffness and lack of flexibility
  • Waking at night to visit the bathroom

“Her treatments were really impactful for my stiff feet and ankles. I had been having trouble walking in the morning and even standing up out of bed was painful…After two treatments with Estelle my feet were completely back to normal.”

Ms MB, 51 years, Sydney