Preventative Medicine

What we give attention to thrives. Choose to water the flowers, not the weeds.

Make wellness treatments part of your routine.

Yellow sunflowers in field for long life, good fortune and vitality

Want to age gracefully? Want to be healthy at 80? Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and have regular wellness treatments to prevent exhaustion and illness taking hold.

With self care, by looking after ourselves first, we can better help those around us and cope better with the challenges of our lives. Regular treatments promote balance in the energy system and wellbeing.

  • You become less reactive to triggering events.
  • Muscle tightness from everyday stress dissipate.
  • You move with ease.
  • Your mental health improves.
  • You will enjoy more clarity and feel more peaceful.
  • Your levels of creativity, health and joy in daily life increase.
  • And, you will become more productive.

Regular energetic treatments is preventative care to keep a healthy body and maintain a calm mind.

In the public service, Comcare, who manage workers’ compensation claims for mental health stress estimate that each claim is worth $345,000. Wellness treatments are nourishing and a better alternative to a mental health claim.