How treatment works

Pie chart depicting mind body spirit emotions and energy relationshipsThe bio-electrical system spans your entire body connecting to many systems. The human body is a complex connection of systems affecting how you move, your organs and a myriad of body functions like digestion and breathing. Your mind and how you feel also affect your body and bio-electric system.

Lack of flow of energy may result in pain and unexplained symptoms. Energy that is supplied to your organs, tissues and cells can be impeded. The body shows this disruption of energy in compromised health or disease. For example, sciatica or low energy or heart dysfunction . Other symptoms may include fertility problems or emotional imbalances like anger, feeling stress or anxiety.

Often, dysfunction occur together in various parts of the body. My understanding of the body and its connection to the mind & emotions has resulted in faster and deeper recovery from many conditions. Each person is treated holistically, rather than addressing each symptom separately.

My approach is to identify and treat the root cause of issues together with the mind and spirit to start the healing process.

Pie chart depicting mind body spirit emotions and energy relationships

Fabulous You!

Estelle Fong – AcuEnergetics practitioner relieving knee painTreatments are based on the traditional knowledge that date back centuries from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western physicians.

During treatments, I feel and energetically clear blockages in your body to restore balance. Successful treatments work with the body’s energy to establish better flow to your muscles, tendons, organs and cells. Many of my clients have tried other therapies and have found my treatments speed recovery and provide pain relief for many physical and mental conditions. The treatments increase your body’s ability to regenerate and heal itself. Injuries heal and inflammation is reduced. In many cases, the results are quicker than you thought. You regain strength, movement and better function.

I have improved musculoskeletal pain, chronic conditions and emotional issues. My regular treatments are a proactive and self-care solution. Preventative care promotes wellbeing and reduces stress before exhaustion and disease take hold.

My clients regain strength, movement and better function.