Fabulous Energy

Rediscover better movement, function and clarity, naturally for people of all ages.

Do you have an injury or pain that just won't go away?

Monarch orange butterfly with black stripes and white specks symbolising change, transformation to better physical & mental healthFeeling fatigued, struggling to make it through the day?
Have you got an illness?
Feel something is not quite right and unclear what to do?

Allow me to help you relieve these and many more symptoms that confront you.

Welcome to Fabulous Energy, a health and vitality practice, created by Estelle Fong.

Estelle Fong

estelle-fong-health-practitioner-treating-back-painI’m a healer and experienced Energy Practitioner with a passion for helping individuals reduce pain in their bodies. My treatment philosophy is providing tailored healing sessions, to reduce your pain quickly. My practice is inspired by my belief that everyone can live and thrive in their daily lives.

Drawing on my experience working with the bio-electric system, I regain balance in your body, naturally. Good flow of energy or qi, is the key to a healthy body and restful mind. Treating from rooms in Russell Lea, in Sydney’s Inner West, I enjoy treating people across all ages, from children through to older adults.

I listen to and treat my clients so they can be and feel the most “fabulous” they can.

Healing the root cause

Magnificent rooted Ficus tree with sunlight as key to understanding and knowledgeI have improved injuries, dysfunction and challenging pain that don’t get better with other approaches. After one or more sessions with me, my treatments have sped my clients’ recovery and provided relief for various physical and mental conditions. I help individuals with pain who struggle everyday with major challenges that affect their health and cause fatigue. This impacts their work, family time and their relationships with friends.

I look for the root cause to heal deeper issues and promote better energy flow. Your body begins healing itself at many levels. Your health improves noticeably as optimal function is restored. You’ll feel more vitality, have more clarity and move through your day with ease.

Conditions I treat

Professionals, men, women, children and people with disabilities looking to natural therapy for relief from an ongoing health issue, emotional issue or injuries have come to see me for treatments. I treat symptoms from head to toe. Some clients see me for headaches, back pain or illness. Others have mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, stress or experience sadness and seek more clarity and inner calm.

Back Pain, Headache, Physical Pain

I have successfully treated lower back pain, many musculoskeletal conditions, migraines, numbness.

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Chronic Conditions

Dysfunction and disease is our body's message that the powerful energy pathways to our organs and cells is disrupted. Conditions treated include heart abnormalities, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, digestive problems.

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Cancer & Immune System Support

Chemotherapy, medications and radiation often have immediate and long term effects on a person's body - both physical and emotional.

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Mental & Emotional Health

In clinical practice, I have observed the profound impact energy treatments have on a person's mental and emotional health to change their outlook on life.

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Children & Adults with Disability, Learning Difficulties

As a mother to my daughter with Down syndrome, I have witnessed the significant impact my energetic treatments have had on her health; with higher energy levels and feeling calm. Energetic treatments also promote faster progress with speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other capacity building life skills.

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Children & Teenagers

Treatments are calm and gentle. Particularly helpful for children and teenagers. Also for anyone who is unable to, or don’t wish to express themselves and their feelings.

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Periods & Menopause

Irregularities, pain and discomfort with your periods can be improved with energetic treatments, at any age from puberty to your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s.

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Fertility & Pregnancy issues

Energy treatments have markedly helped women conceive naturally. And increased successful IVF outcomes.

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Over 40s & Restricted Movement

As we get older, we start feeling stiff, have restricted movement, and may have concerns with balance. We don’t have to be this way.

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Preventative Medicine

Want to age gracefully? Want to be healthy at 80? Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and have regular wellness treatments to prevent exhaustion and illness taking hold.

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