Fertility & Pregnancy

Nurture and heal deeper.

Energy treatments have markedly helped women conceive naturally. And increased successful IVF outcomes. Treatments are tailored to each person and their unique circumstance to address challenges with conception and pregnancy. Sometimes by addressing deeper issues, conception happens naturally and faster.

My treatments are beneficial in all stages of pregnancy:

Cut pomegranates with many seeds as symbol of fertility and life

Pre-pregnancy: to prepare the body before conception.
During pregnancy: gentle calming techniques to support mum and pre-birth preparation.
Post-pregnancy: for exhaustion, postnatal depression, baby brain.

1 in 10 women experiences depression while they are pregnant. 1 in 6 women experiences depression during the first year after birth. (Beyondblue 2020) Mental & Emotional Health

“You are fabulous. You are making me FABulous!!! 😊😊😊”

Lisa, Annandale